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Knee Pain Specialist

Weiss Orthopedics

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The knee is one of the most commonly injured joints in the entire body. Whether your knee hurts due to trauma, a sports injury, or wear-and-tear, Noah Weiss, MD, offers knee pain solutions to help you recover at Weiss Orthopedics. Located in Novato in Northern Marin and Sonoma, California, Dr. Weiss and his team utilize technology and extensive training in the diagnosis and treatment of knee problems to resolve your issues. Set up a consultation today by calling the office.

Knee Pain Q & A

What are the signs of a knee injury?

Mild knee pain can happen to anyone, but certain activities and types of trauma can lead to more significant pain that signals an injury. Possible signs of a knee injury include:

  • Popping, clicking, and locking of the joint
  • Swelling or redness in or around the knee
  • Snapping sensation when walking or bending the knee
  • Pain that is worse after sitting, exercising, or kneeling
  • Feeling of instability or that your knee could give out

If rest doesn’t reduce your knee pain or it keeps coming back, consider visiting Weiss Orthopedics for an exam.

When should I see an orthopaedist for knee pain?

Dr. Weiss and his team recommend seeking treatment for knee pain if your pain has lasted longer than two weeks or is getting progressively worse. You should also get treatment if you’ve experienced trauma or a sports injury that has caused significant disability or severe pain.

What conditions cause knee pain?

The team at Weiss Orthopedics treats all causes of knee pain, including:

Some conditions are more common in certain people, like runners, athletes that participate in sports that involve jumping, or workers that kneel frequently for their jobs. Knee pain can affect children and adolescents and may signal more than just growing pains. 

How is knee pain diagnosed and treated?

At Weiss Orthopedics, the team begins your visit with a thorough consultation and physical exam to understand the location and severity of your pain as well as activities that make your pain worse. Dr. Weiss then performs an orthopaedic exam to assess the anatomical structures in your knee that can contribute to your pain.

X-rays or an MRI may be needed if Dr. Weiss suspects a fracture or tear of your meniscus or ligaments. Based on your exam, Dr. Weiss explains your diagnosis and treatment options.

For mild to moderate cases of knee pain, physical therapy, rest, bracing, and activity modification can help your knee heal and return to normal. Pain relief using non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications and injections can also help you feel better faster.

More serious injuries may require surgery, like a ligament repair, cartilage repair, or a knee replacement.

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