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Elbow Pain Specialist

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Your elbow is crucial for comfortable movement of your shoulder, arm, wrist, and hand, but when you’re in pain, it can stop you from doing the things you love. To find out the cause of your pain and get treatment, visit Noah Weiss, MD, in Novato in Northern Marin or Sonoma, California. As the founder of Weiss Orthopedics, Dr. Weiss offers effective solutions to elbow pain so you can feel normal again. Set up an appointment today by calling the office.

Elbow Pain Q & A

Why does my elbow hurt?

The elbow generates enormous stresses across the joint while throwing and other activities. This makes it at risk for overuse injuries. Repetitive motions and overuse injuries are the leading causes of elbow pain. Common conditions that can affect the elbow include:

Most elbow pain can be described as sore, achy, or tense though it’s possible to experience nerve pain characterized by numbness and tingling as well. Elbow pain can be felt on the inside and outside of the elbow and may travel up or down your arm, depending on your condition.

How is elbow pain diagnosed?

Elbow pain is diagnosed based on your symptoms, the location of your pain, and a thorough exam from Dr. Weiss at Weiss Orthopedics. Dr. Weiss performs a series of orthopaedic tests to determine which anatomical structures are involved in your pain presentation and may recommend X-rays if needed.

Based on the results of your exam, Dr. Weiss explains your diagnosis and treatment options.

How is elbow pain treated?

In most cases of elbow pain, conservative treatments are enough to resolve the pain. Dr. Weiss can recommend:

  • Ice or heat
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications
  • Physical therapy
  • Bracing or taping
  • Activity modification
  • Injections

Dr. Weiss works with you to ensure you get the treatment you need and have steps you can take at home to reduce your discomfort and help your elbow heal, like specific stretches or exercises.

When is surgery recommended for elbow pain?

Dr. Weiss can recommend surgery if you’ve tried conservative treatments for nerve compression without success or you have significant joint damage caused by loose bodies. The Weiss Orthopedics team performs precise, minimally invasive surgeries to correct elbow issues and relieve pressure on your nerves or remove loose bodies from within the joint.

After surgery, Dr. Weiss recommends a course of physical therapy to help your muscles heal and allow for full range of motion in your elbow. Following all rehab recommendations helps you avoid the development of scar tissue in your elbow and enable you to have full movement so you can get back to your favorite activities pain-free. 

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