Workers' Compensation


We Work for You

If you are injured at work, you understandably will have a lot of questions about your injury, and how you will be treated. Workplace injuries have a very unique, and often confusing set of rules and regulations. This leads to situations where injured workers are unaware of their rights or options. At Weiss Orthopaedics, our staff is highly experienced in managing and treating work-related injuries. We understand the complexities of the Workers’ Compensation system, and offer a wide array of services for our patients.

Dr. Weiss is a Qualified Medical Examiner and an Agreed Medical Examiner, and with his advanced subspecialty training in orthopedic trauma, is uniquely qualified to care for all types of industrial injuries covered under Workers’ Compensation. We do not work for the Workers’ Compensation carrier or the employer; we work for you. Our goal is always to deliver the best care for our patients, regardless of insurance.


How to Report an Injury

Any injury that occurs at work needs to be reported to your supervisor. Your Human Resources Department will help you to fill out paperwork and begin a new Workers’ Compensation claim. Filing a claim is important and necessary, so make sure you file right away.

Before we can schedule an appointment to see you, we will need to get an authorization from your Workers' Compensation carrier. We can help you with this, if needed. We will need to get any existing records, x-rays, or other imaging studies (like an MRI) before we see you, so that our initial consultation with you will be as thorough and complete as possible.

In order to do the best job possible, we will have the injured worker fill out paperwork prior to the visit. You can download the forms here.

If you need a translator, when scheduling your appointment let our receptionist know that an interpreter is needed and we will be ready to assist you.


Workers’ Compensation Carriers, MPN

This is a partial list; we are constantly expanding to improve our ability to treat our patients. If you do not see your Workers' Compensation carrier or Medical Provider Network (MPN) listed here, give us a call.

  • Alpha Fund
  • Athens
  • Broadspire
  • Chartis
  • CompWest
  • ESIS
  • Farmers
  • Gallagher Bassett
  • Kaiser
  • Keenan & Associates
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Redwood Empire Schools
  • Republic Indemnity
  • Safeway
  • Seabright
  • Sedgwick Claims Management
  • Travelers
  • Tristar
  • York Risk
  • Zurich 


Explanation of Services

QME – Qualified Medical Exam

The purpose of a QME is to provide a timely evaluation of claims that are in some level of dispute by the parties (i.e. the injured worker or the insurance carrier). The goal is to allow the parties access to objective evaluators who will consider the dispute and offer an opinion.

AME – Agreed Medical Exam

If you have an attorney, your attorney and the claims administrator may agree on a doctor with out going through the state system used to pick a QME. The doctor, your attorney and the claims administrator agree on is called an agreed medical evaluator.

Expert Testimony

This is the medical opinion given during deposition or trial.

Medical Legal Evaluation

An appointment scheduled between the insurance company and your attorney, with an impartial physician who will address specific medical and legal questions based on review of all the medical information related to your injury. An opinion will be rendered as to, if your injury is work related, if your condition is at maximum medical improvement, if there is permanent impairment, future medical and if you can return to the same job or line of work.