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Our Staff


The staff at Weiss Orthopedics is what we are known for. We are a caring, and extremely professional group, who is committed to making your experience with us as smooth and non stressful as possible. We call you back, we answer your questions. We listen. There is a human face behind everything we do.


Jennifer Lo, PA-C

Jen is a certified Physician’s Assistant. She works with Dr. Weiss on almost every aspect of patient care, from seeing patients in the clinic, performing procedures and imaging studies, and assisting in the operating room. Dr. Weiss and Jen are truly a unique team, and work together seamlessly to deliver the best care for our patients.


Laurie Ferro; Surgery Scheduler

Laurie manages all surgery scheduling, including obtaining preauthorization. She is incredibly thorough, organized, and efficient. If you end up needing a surgery, Laurie will make sure that the entire process proceeds smoothly. Laurie can be reached at 707.935.3510.


Shereen Shurtz; New Patient Coordinator

If you are coming to us as a new patient, Shereen ensures that all loose ends, including insurance authorization, medical records, and imaging studies are taken care of. This includes patients with private insurance, Medicare, Workers' Compensation, Medical Legal, auto insurance, and Partnership patients. Her job is to get you in to see us quickly. Shereen can be reached at 707.935.5609.


Mariel Fontanilla; Sonoma Front Office

Mariel is the face of our Sonoma office. She handles almost everything, including scheduling patients, imaging and lab studies, retrieving medical records, and running our clinics. Mariel can be reached at 707.935.5600.


Michelle Pereira; Novato Front Office

Michelle runs the Novato office. She helps the practice run smoothly and efficiently, ensuring that scheduling, special studies and referrals are handled. Michelle can be reached at 415.878.0300.


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