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Telemedicine, is, quite simply, a video conference with your doctor. For some select patients, instead of coming into the office for a visit, we may be able to do the visit while you are in the comfort of your own home.

Since the advent of the coronavirus epidemic, and ‘shelter in place’ rules, there is now a new emphasis on this type of medical care.

A visit gets scheduled in the normal fashion; either over the telephone, or at your last office visit. If you are interested in a Telemedicine visit, it is scheduled for a specific time and date. You are sent a link by email or text, and it will take you to a secure video connection with Dr. Weiss.

We can do a lot with Telemedicine. We can get a complete history, answer all your questions, and discuss your injury or recovery in depth. Many parts of the physical exam are possible, such as checking range of motion, or how a wound is healing.

Obviously not every patient is appropriate for this format. Without a hands-on physical exam, it is impossible to check for tenderness, joint stability, or strength. Any imaging, such as x-ray or ultrasound is clearly not possible, and any procedures, such as an injection, dressing change, or cast, obviously needs an office visit. Please be assured that if you do need to come into the office, we are doing everything possible to make your visit safe. We are following all CDC guidelines, and any risks to patients and staff are minimized.

Still, a Telemedicine visit can be appropriate in many cases. It is clearly very convenient for our patients, and given the present situation with the coronavirus, allows patients to have a doctor’s visit from the safety and security of their home. We are now using Telemedicine, so let our office know if you are interested.

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